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A ringside seat to “Entrepreneur Journeys”

January 2, 2009

Recently, I was asked to do a formal review for Sramana Mitra’s book. She has been a friend and colleague for several years now, and has put together a stellar track record as a strategist, thinker, practitioner and now as an author. I heartily recommend this to all entrepreneurs – first time, or serial. Here are excerpts from my review:

Entrepreneurship is, by definition, uncharted territory. The book Entrepreneur Journeys by serial entrepreneur and Forbes columnist Sramana Mitra, comes as close as anything to presenting roadmaps that can be leveraged by both seasoned and first time entrepreneurs.
As someone who is a repeat entrepreneur and one who has put together multiple ventures, I can tell you, it is more often than not, a lonely process. Entrepreneur Journeys provides a much-needed set of tools that I could relate to, at a visceral level. If this book can help a seasoned entrepreneur like myself, the first time entrepreneur will find it to be incredibly useful.

Sramana has done a great job in highlighting when to be persistent and patient, and when to make choices and the hard decisions. In the words made famous by Kenny Rogers – “know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em” – is not always easy. The book provides several anecdotal points which relate to aspects of my own personal journey as an entrepreneur.

The diversity of the industries covered and the depth to which Sramana has been able to interview and get first-hand experiences is incredible. Blending in both domain and business strategy concepts with a light writing style is uniquely Sramana. She makes the complex information very easy to absorb and, more importantly, apply in the real life situations that an entrepreneur faces every day. Permalink.

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