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3D Superbowl Ads – A Lack of Holistic Thinking, Perhaps?

February 1, 2009

I’m sure the marketers at Dreamworks, Intel, Pepsi, NBC et al were thinking big while creating and fielding the $3M-a-pop ads at the Superbowl. But, were they thinking small, simultaneously? Any market strategist worth their salt would have / should have thought long and hard about the “last mile” challenge. How do you get the 3D glasses out to the 100M potential viewers? Sure, you can put them out at Safeway, Supervalu, Fry’s, etc. But how do you overcome the inertia? You can take a horse to the water, but can you make it drink?

I could go on and on with more cliches, but the fact remains – the big boys fumbled the ball (pun intended) for their 3D ad-launch party. I, for one, was expecting the glasses to show up with the Merc – my daily newspaper. But perhaps, I was too lazy to get the glasses from my neighborhood Safeway, or worse – was feeling hopeful that the million-dollar suits in their think tanks would have thought through the last mile problem more holistically.

It is an altogether different matter why a lazy couch potato like me had to do my own web research in figuring out these retail outlets that might, just might carry the glasses. I guess I’ll just have to wander down to Target tomorrow and hope that some glasses are still available to watch NBC’s Chuck.

That said, it was one heck of a game and one heck of a half-time show. Hats off to the Cardinals for a spirited effort, and The Boss … is simply the boss.

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  1. February 3, 2009 4:11 pm

    Great post!

    As for how I came across my 3D glasses…a friend of a friend had them at the Superbowl party we attended. He did pick up about 20 at the local Kroger grocery store. As the night wore on we were more and more excited about anything that was to appear in 3D. We were let down by the monsters vs. aliens 3D trailer but did still enjoy taking pictures in the glasses. One thing that we thought was odd-none of us thought to look on the inside of the glasses to see when the 3D spots were going to appear. It wasn’t until after the game did we realize that the information was printed on the inside flap…

    I can’t think of anyone who watched Chuck in 3D. NBC must really be hoping that viewers would tune into one of their few remaining sitcoms.

    Keep up the good writing. Cheers!

  2. February 8, 2009 10:13 am

    Great Post, Ramneek! You captured my feelings exactly when I was watching those 3D ads during Superbowl and wondering the same thing? How come they did not make sure that people had 3D glasses with them way before Superbowl? If only they had gone a little bit more, like sending it with Newspapers like you mentioned or handing it to people outside Safeway instead of expecting people to go ask for it! Small difference but big difference it would have made in making sure that these ads were as effective as they would have been!

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