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Enterprise Mobility – What’s New?

February 10, 2009
It’s time to label the age of RIM BlackBerry as enterprise mobility 1.0 and move on. Whether you call Apple’s unstated iPhone enterprise strategy, or Microsoft’s 7th attempt with Windows Mobile as mobile 2.x for the enterprise, who cares. I believe, enterprise mobility is one bright spot that presents significant growth prospects going forward.
Seamless desktop-to-mobile integration

Seamless desktop-to-mobile integration

The declining prices of smartphones, the economic and ubiquitous availability of data plans, and the growing demands for mobile computing caused by the increased velocity of business are creating the perfect storm. However, to exploit these building blocks, what is needed is the seamless integration of the user experience from desktop to mobile and vice-versa. Applications and their data sources need to be unified – one model, multiple views is the name of the game. One can’t just simplistically take apps built for the desktop and plaster a mobile UI onto them. The next generation of winners could well be those vendors that take existing, well-used and needed enterprise apps, but think of ground-up use paradigms that tailor the experience to a specific devices’ capabilities

Security models have to be extended to embrace devices roaming outside the firewall and communicating with enterprise data over public networks. Data models have to account for both storage farms in captive data centers and adaptability to cloud computing. Finally, mobile use cases have to intelligently take advantage of capabilities of on-device components such as local storage, GPS, cameras, radios, etc

I believe that it is this next generation of apps that will enable the truly mobile enterprise across the board. From triggers and alerts to the workhorse SFA, CRM, ERP apps to the more cutting-edge social media based collaboration frameworks – seamless extension to mobile is the next logical and evolutionary step. The good news is that one can see entrepreneurial activity picking up along these vectors already.

In a future post I’ll write about these exciting companies that are emerging. Stay tuned. Subscribe.


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