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Skype on my iPhone – working like a charm

March 31, 2009
Skype chat on iPhone

Skype chat

I just downloaded Skype from the Apple AppStore. 20 seconds to download; 10 seconds to login and start using. One word can describe it all – wow!

While it only works on WiFi, it is still a quantum leap forward for voice/chat communications. I can envision several use scenarios already, even with this limitation. That said, I’m told that jailbroken iPhones are able to place Skype calls over 3G as well. What a deal… and in the words made famous by the very Pink Floyd – “all in all, it’s another brick in the wall” – for the emerging telecom free for all.

Skype call on iPhone
Skype call

I’m not going to blog about this in any great detail since reviews are already popping up all over the web and a lot of people have a lot to say. The one place where chatter is already maturing is at GigaOM. Tune in.

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